I had a lot of fun working with paultervoorde on Skeff, and was constantly amazed by how much effort he put into cleaning his lines. My inbetweens were definitely not perfect and I feel a lil bad for that haha ;;

But heres a side by side comparison of Paul’s key and my trace (for the wobbles) so you can see how amazing Paul is compared to me <;

Haven’t seen Skeff’s Saturday? What are you doing here, go watch it!

I only post art under “prikle” or “iamprikle”. Any other name posting my artwork is ART THEFT and you should bring it to my attention please ! I currently also only use tumblr, twitter and facebook to post drawings on.

Dude I am so sorry that guy was stealing your art! It's freaking pathetic how he fooled a lot of us including me D: I've reported him and the image with the conversation about him admitting he room your art

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Thank you so much. I do not use instagram, if you find any of my art on there tell them off. Its happened twice now, since I’m not active on IG its hard for me to find it.

yo idk if you're momochiroots on ig or not, but if you're not she/he is stealing you art??

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oh wow thanks. no i am not. i have no idea how to report people on instagram, can you try to do it for me :/

also to make it clear i do not use instagram. ive seen a lot of reports of art theft on there so i try to stay away from it.

Hey, quick question, I looked in the FAQ and didn't find an answer, (which is fine)! In Shit Demons, by the first episode, you know his name is Timbo, what's the other's name? I have thoughts to believe that he's Timbo because of his voice actor, and so then maybe the other's name is well, your name, Prickle? I was only curious. Sorry to bother you and I hope you can make more episodes soon! -Mitch

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The demons are Timbo and Prikle, yes. Says so in every video’s description.

a rough and a less rough rough of my delivery girl oc, trying to do some line of action practise haha.