Art and Animation by Prikle / Pearl Zhang.
An Aussie artist studying at the Animation Workshop in Denmark.
Please go to Youtube and check out my series called SHIT DEMONS it is my baby.
Commissions currently: OPEN



I love that Craig and Clyde pic.

A question by chocolatepony

Good , u can BUY ONE OF UR OWN wink wink


IVE MOVED TO DENMARK! but I dont have a job and i have to pay rent… So I’m gonna be doing these simple coloured half-body commissions!

$10 isnt a fixed price! If you pay $10, you’ll probably end up with something very simple HALF BODY (flat colours or sketches). If you want more effort or a full body or something on your commission, chuck in some extra bucks and I’ll put more time an effort into it to make it look unique, even experiment and try some styles like lineless and such! The price is still per character so 2 characters will be at least $20. It’s pretty discussable as long as you pay $10 or more.

I’m cool with drawing OCs, fanart, fluffy ships, personas, mostly whatever! Inbox me or email me if you”re interested!

My paypal is , I have to recieve the payment before I work on your request, but don’t worry! I draw pretty quick!

Alternatively, if you’re Australian I can give you my BSB and Account Number. Or you guys can go to my art blog and click the donate button and put in the agreed amount there!

Please dont forget that I also sell shirts and stuff at Red Bubble!

I understand that not all my followers will want commissions, but if you could get the word out and signal boost this, that would be killer!

A commission for thekreid !!! They’re his OCs. I was really inspired by his Fire Flowers video, with the lineless style. I loved it so much I tried some lineless of my own! Both a transparent and non transparent version.

Please do not use without commissioner’s permission!!!

Some character design-doodles for the Animation Workshop Intro Animation. Its pretty fun tbh :D

Why you make me feel jelly. I qwuit art

A question by turtleplanet

Please dont feel like that. Artists should never compete with eachother and base the judgement of their own work on someone elses. Noone was born with the abilty to draw/animate, its something u get over practise and practise, so you cant blame yourself for starting later or putting less hours into it.

I’ve been at the animation workshop for THREE DAYS now and I can tell you, on Friday before I started I was like "oh man i dunno how i got in im fuckin terrible compared to these guys" but after doing a little group work the last three days, people being supportive of eachother, and all being impressed with one another’s work, it really picked me up. I had some of those people from the workshop over on Saturday and we showed eachother our portfolios and they all said something like “I dunno how i was chosen, you’re all better than me”… so I guess it’s natural to have the mindset of “i’m not good enough as an artist” when you see someone elses work, but everyone has strengths and weaknesses and you should never try to compare or compete with another artist.